Today's script is on the lighter side since I put so much into yesterday's app. When I was a Network Engineer and Systems Engineer, I always wanted a quick way to built out IP spreadsheets. So, even though that is not my current job, I wrote a quick script to do just that.

Enter the IP address network (Like: and the output file name. The script builds a spreadsheet for you.


Explore the Python ipaddress module


pip install ipaddress

The App

Link to app repo on Github:

11 git repo


Run it:

python -h


usage: [-h] -n NETWORK -f FILENAME

optional arguments:

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-n NETWORK Enter the network. i.e.

-f FILENAME Enter the file name for output. i.e. ipnetworkoutput.csv

Run it with required info:

python -n '' -f ip_network_output.csv


The script builds a CSV file with the whole network for

You entered: {'network': '', 'filename': 'ip_network_output.csv'}