As most of you know I am a bit of a Star Wars geek. While looking around for a different script, I stumbled on the SWAPI docs. So, tonight I had to write a quick script that pull the opening crawl from each Star Wars film. Fun eh?

May the force be with you.


Get the opening crawl for a Star Wars movie


Check out the SWAPI docs

Python modules: requests

The App

Link to app repo on Github:

15 git repo


Run it:

python -e 1


It is a period of civil war.\r\nRebel spaceships, striking\r\nfrom a hidden base, have won\r\ntheir first victory against\r\nthe evil Galactic Empire.\r\n\r\nDuring the battle, Rebel\r\nspies managed to steal secret\r\nplans to the Empire's\r\nultimate weapon, the DEATH\r\nSTAR, an armored space\r\nstation with enough power\r\nto destroy an entire planet.\r\n\r\nPursued by the Empire's\r\nsinister agents, Princess\r\nLeia races home aboard her\r\nstarship, custodian of the\r\nstolen plans that can save her\r\npeople and restore\r\nfreedom to the galaxy....