Today, I took a look at IPFS and working with it with Python. I was kind of hoping to write a replacement for Syncthing, but came to the realization that is not what IPFS is for. While yes I could hash a file, then kick off a download on a remote machine, it is all to manual right now. So today I just went with Hashing files with the ipfsapi module.


Work with IPFS via the ipfsapi module


You will need to look over the install docs for ipfsapi, mainly you just pip install it.

pip install ipfsapi

In addition to that you will need to install th go-ipfs binary for your system.

The App

Link to app repo on Github:

16 git repo


Run it:

python -f TheWonderfulWizardofOz.html


{'Name': 'TheWonderfulWizardofOz.html', 'Hash': 'QmW8WFREvkrCbQAs5ZpDKgXozwkx15KrCJiuCoYmhLpUgD', 'Size': '833432'}

Way to go cowboy! To view goto