Backyard pump track/CX course/MTB trail

Mar 22, 2013

Riding around the backyard to map the future pump track/CX course/MTB trail wore me out! Gonna be a tough comeback, 6-9 mo without any training. I really should get out more on the bike.

I can’t wait to build the track though. The plan is to integrate three riding styles plus make it walkable and integrate small patches with permanent gardens. It will be a cross between my wife and my personalities.

Our dream of no lawn, but a food forest of fun.

Adding a few features after the trail is built will give it more personality.

– a set of cyclocross barriers to USA cycling regulations.
       – this will beat my portable barriers hands down, and maybe I’ll get out of being a pro CAT5 rider

– a north shore bridge over a stump in the backyard
     – this will help build my wife’s confidence and be fun

– various berms for a swoopy flowy feel

– a wall ride
      – because I have yet to master this nicely at Alum Creek.

– a rock garden
     – for skillz training.


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