2010 Resolutions and such

bitcoin Dec 30, 2009

I posted on twitter about some resolutions for next year to accomplish. I figure I will post here too with a bit more to say.  Most people break their resolutions within the first month of making them. I have made resolutions and broke them and then made resolutions and kept them.
My coolest resolution was not to drink Alcohol for an entire year, just to see if I could do it.* I actually was able to*, even though the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup that year (2001). It was a pretty hard thing to do, but worth it as I learned a lot about myself and different people that I would meet or hang out with that year.  A worthy resolution is an attainable resolution.

That being said, I made some resolutions today for the bike and for life for 2010:

**1. Ride more. **

Some would put exercise and health habits in a resolution, and this is one like that.  Except that a healthy habit just doesn’t start at the stroke of midnight on some random day.  The reason I put ride more is because I love doing it.  No hidden meaning, just a guy who like to ride his bike.  There was a time almost 4 years ago where I thought I would not ever ride again do to a sickness.  So any year that I ride more is a good year I think.

2. Add a bike (29er FS)

[![Black and sexy](http://www.voodoocycles.net/images/09_bikes_lg/Canzo%2029%20Frame.jpg "Canzo 29er")](http://www.voodoocycles.net/images/09_bikes_lg/Canzo%2029%20Frame.jpg)
Black and sexy
I am a lucky man.  My wife is OK with me buying new toys, as long as I put up a good use case and figure out a way to save up for the new toy.  I would like to buy a 29er full suspension XC mountain bike this year.  I love my Karate Monkey, but some trails and conditions feel better on a squishy bike.  I would love to buy a [Santa Cruz Tallboy](http://www.santacruzmtb.com/tallboy/ "http://www.santacruzmtb.com/tallboy/"), but that may have to wait a couple years as it is a first generation product and could cost ~$7k which is stupid if I am not racing it.  The bike that I think I will get this year is the [VooDoo Canzo 29er](http://www.voodoocycles.net/canzo29.htm "http://www.voodoocycles.net/canzo29.htm").

3. Help build a trail

As I am moving into a new area of the country at the end of January, I will need to make some new friends and riding buddies.  One way to do that is through building trails.  Usually the more passionate MTBers are the trail builders.  Those are the people that I want to meet up with.  Of course building a trail with your own sweat and then riding it is a extra added bonus.

4. Do 1 CX race and 1 XC MTB race

I have no idea why I race at all.  Other than hanging out with some cool people and beating the crap out of me and my bike.  I don’t do it to win, I just do it to have some fun.  It is also a good excuse to get in shape.

There you have my bike resolutions.

My everyday life is a bit different, but some things naturally work together.

1. Spend more quality time with my Wife and Daughter.

We are already together a lot, as I now work from home and Heather is a homemaker.  I know that in the next couple years that will change so I need to take advantage of what we have now.

2. Successfully move to the Portland area.

The plane tickets are ordered, we are looking for places to live, and the plans are falling into place like puzzle pieces.  We will be there January 29th, but there is so much to a move to a new state that is more than just flying in and living.  Here is to the adventure. Cheers.

3. Take one class at UBI

There are things in the world that we really would rather be doing than what we are

[![UBI Bike School](http://www.bikeschool.com/Images/logo.jpg "UBI Bike School")](http://www.bikeschool.com)
UBI Bike School
doing right now.  I am in that type of position now.  I am fairly adept at computers and IT.  The sad thing is I don’t like it. I feel it robs me of my soul or something.  I would much rather build bikes or put a smile on someones face by selling them the bike of their dreams.  So as we create our own reality I will take a class in either frame building, or “Professional Repair and Shop Operation” at UBI.  We should be doing what we love, and I intend on doing just that over the next decade.

Personally I would like to look back at 2010 and say I accomplished all of my goals.  Some may be easy to attain and others a bit more difficult, but they are a worthy and that is what matters to me.

Have a happy new year and create your reality this new year.



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