OK, tonight's code push is a little something I whipped up to send out SPDZ tokens to Stellar accounts. It uses the stellar base python SDK as a wrapper to work with sending tokens on the Stellar network. After the #28daysofcode, I plan on doing a quick write up on how to build your own token and use this code to send friends your new fangled riches.


Send fancy new SPDZ tokens to accounts



StellarBase is the Python SDK for the Stellar network.

Read the docs

The App

Link to app repo on Github:

22 git repo


Run it:

You will need the public account, number of tokens, and a nice memo. If you want to post to the real live Stellar network add a -p at the end.

python spdz_send_token.py -r account -n number_of_tokens -m memo


python spdz_send_token.py -r GBVWQV5H2Z4ITXTSQ7AWA5HEZD6JTO36OR35CHL2MC72Q3Q6E2PANCKS -n 7 -m test


Posting to the test network.

SPDZ balance: 10859.0000000

Something went right.