24 Working with the Bittrex API #28daysofcode #python

python Feb 24, 2018


OK, so what I wanted to build tonight, Ethereum Whisper chat app, turned out to be a bit harder than I originally thought since the documentation is still buried in a github pull request and ever changing.

So, here is a simple cryptocurrency market checker CLI.

It checks the price of BTC and ETH on the Bittrex exchange.


Get the BTC/USD price and the ETH/USD price


Just requests and json

The App

Link to app repo on Github:

24 git repo


Run it:

python crypto_checker.py


Bitcoin(BTC) is at $9709.0

Ethereum(ETH) is at 0.08645411 BTC

Latest USD price of Ethereum(ETH) is $839.38295399

If you are into Tether, ETH is sitting at $842.51733931

Jeremy Schroeder

Developer, Inventor, all around technical guy

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