26 My Feedreader #28daysofcode #python

28daysofcode Feb 26, 2018


I took the feed_parse.py file from yesterday and integrated it with day 18's Flask app to make a pretty feedreader.


Use the Flask app from day 18 and make a modern feed reader


Flask, TinyDB, json and arrow

The App

Link to app repo on Github:

26 git repo


Run it:

The repo contains a populated DB with news from the Independent. Click on _Update to get the update news link.

  • Add your extra RSS feeds to feeds.json

python app.py


* Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

* Restarting with stat

* Debugger is active!

* Debugger PIN: 736-339-812

Jeremy Schroeder

Developer, Inventor, all around technical guy

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