5 years ago today, cancer and I parted ways

Apr 13, 2011

April 13th 2006. I walk into St Joe’s in Denver a about 5am.  I am 198 pounds and have a tumor the size of a baseball in my left sinus. I am about to have it removed in an 18 hour surgery that will change me drastically. Over the next 5 years I will go down to a weight of 165 pounds (thanks to radiation treatment) and then back up to a normal 175 pounds. I will become more healthy than I even have been.

I was told they were going to have to remove my left eye as they thought the cancer had invaded that space.  I was told previously that I probably would not be able to have kids after the Chemo. I was told all the worst case scenarios.

I woke up about 3-4 days later.  I literally lost those days. I have no recollection of them. I spent the next 2-3 weeks healing in the hospital.  Part of that not being able to speak because of the tracheotomy they put in.

I am now cancer free and surviving for 5 years. A lot can happen in 5 years. Leaving Colorado, leaving Hawaii, buying a home in Oregon. Just a lot of things that I can not possibly think of or would have predicted the outcome of.  The best, is that little screaming boy downstairs as I write this. He should not by any definition be here now.

But he is here and I am one lucky guy.

Over the years the list of people to thank has increased and there is no way to thank every single person in this journey as I wish I could. So the top three that come to mind are My Family, My Friends, and My many many many Doctors over the years. Thank you, for keeping me alive.


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