Welcome. This is Utopia Machines.

Here is a brief professional bio:

Currently an Infrastructure Tools Engineer at Nike, my background ranges from working for data-centers and managed service providers to systems administration at large train manufacturing companies and private colleges. I like to work with the newest technologies and follow an Open Source first mindset. Most of my expertise comes from being deep in the trenches with different technologies.

With the advent of infrastructure as code, I've migrated to doing more development type work over the years with Python as my expertise.  I use my previous experience in systems engineering to build better applications.  

I fell in love with Blockchains in 2013 and have been developing for Ethereum since 2015.  I received my Ethereum Blockchain developer certification from Consensys in 2018.  I was lucky enough to use that knowledge to be named in a US patent in 2019 for Nike [USPTO LINK].

On the side, I love what the future will bring and focus on learning about those new technologies that will highly impact daily life like Blockchains, 3D Printing, AI, and Robotics. I am always learning something new in Ethereum, Python, ethical hacking, and Game development.

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