Absolutely Giddy!

gadgets Feb 19, 2010

Absolutely Giddy!

Our move to Oregon is starting to finish.  Our POD finally arrived and all of our stuff from Colorado made it.  My cyclocross bike and bike tools made it, Lilly’s toys, Heather’s sweeper all made it nicely.

We are excited!

As I unloaded part of the POD last night I felt like a kid at Christmas.

I can’t wait to get more settled.

We have been living like we were camping for 5 months.  Last night was the first time I have slept on a real bed since we started this little project.  Going from sleeping on the floor to sleeping on a camp mat to sleeping on a air mattress has a natural progression to loving being on an actual bed.  Thanks to  friends in San Fran for selling us their extra bed! We love it.

We have been loving it here in Oregon and really excited to settle here.

More to come as we get settled.



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