Over the last few months there have be great gains in AI and GANs to the point where we are seeing some great progress.  Just look at the way Siri has developed over the last few years.  We used make fun of her as an assistant, now with the progress Apple's made, she is actually useful.

I found two such useful projects, and thought, what if I mashed them together?

The first project is  https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ which randomly generates a persons face on every refresh of the page.  Research Paper

The second is https://toonify.justinpinkney.com/ which takes a photo uploaded and turns it into something like a Pixar or DreamWorks cartoon.

By mashing the two together I was able to generate an imaginary toon face of an imaginary person.  Here are some of the results:

This person does not exist:

This toon is from that photo:

This person also does not exist [Notice the artifacts in the pic?]

The GAN saw 2 people and tried to make toonified versions of each:

This person does not exist:

His toon is interesting:

Check out the sites and see what you come up with.