An Investment Better Than Gold?

gadgets Mar 18, 2008

by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers

I live in Japan with my wife and son. Japan is a country that often has earthquakes. Sometimes these earthquakes are pretty big. The standard thinking on earthquakes here is that if there is a big earthquake, like the one we had in 1923, a family of four needs to have at least three days of water and enough food stored up in order to survive. Three days!? You mean to tell me that if we have a huge earthquake and the water mains are all broken, the sky is falling, the buildings all collapse, Tokyo burns to the ground, and you expect me to believe that the gorilla’s running the government could fix the water mains in only three days and get things back on their feet? Heck, under normal conditions, it takes these clowns 10 men and 3 days to fix some potholes in the road so I think it would take them at least a month to fix underground water pipes and get the mystery fizz back to its old self. Three days? Get real.

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This is a great article on what to do when the crap hits the fan…Costco here we come…



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