Apex Trail Golden, CO

bitcoin Sep 08, 2006


I took out the Full Suspension bike for the first time after redoing the front shock. I was going to take it to Mt. Falcon park near Morrison, CO but when I got to the parking lot it was raining pretty good. I think I will have to start going in the morning to avoid the usual thunderstorm in the afternoon. It seems like the last couple rides I’ve hit bad weather. That’s fall in Colorado for you. So, I drove north to Golden and tried to bypass the storm by riding Apex park. When I got there it was overcast, but no rain. So I thought I made it around the storm. Wrong. As I made my way up the trail it started raining. I figured it would stop, so I continued on. Plus the rain makes everything peaceful and nice looking. I felt like I was riding in Costa Rica.

Nice Bridge Apex Trail


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