ASI says Calgary bike shop can use Roubaix name

Dec 10, 2013

“We have reached out to Mr. Richter to inform him that he can continue to use the name, and we will need to license his use, which we imagine can be done easily,” Cunnane said.

I just love this plot twist in this story. Apparently Specialized does NOT have the authority to bully in Canada for the Roubaix trademark (or anywhere really) and should promptly be given a social beat down for it’s actions.  This story just keeps getting better.

I think the ball is sort of in Specialized’s court now as they have to make public apologies on being the corporate wieners of the industry.   They have done this sort of thing before and will probably do it again.  ASI should probably pull the license from Specialized for the Roubaix. That would a be pretty funny twist of fate wouldn’t it? Specialized could rename the Roubiax bike line to Poopsock [according to USPTO it is available:].

There is no simple fix to the issue since anyone can ‘brand’ and register anything.  Only the biggest law team seems to win.

[Note to self: do more trademark research on my crazy ideas…]

“We are in the process of notifying Specialized that they did not have the authority, as part of our license agreement, to stop Daniel Richter … from using the Roubaix name,” Cunnane said in an email to BRAIN. “While ASI does have the authority to object to Mr. Richter’s use of the name and while we at ASI understand the importance of protecting our bicycle model names, we believe that Mr. Richter did not intend for consumers to confuse his brick-and-mortar establishment or his wheel line with our Roubaix road bike. And we believe consumers are capable of distinguishing his bike shop and wheel line from our established bikes.”

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