Aspartame linked to cancer: study

backtothefuture Jun 26, 2007

The US Food and Drug Administration says there is no need for an urgent review of the safety of aspartame, despite a new study showing the sweetener may cause cancer.A US consumer group has called for the review after Italian researchers published a new study that showed aspartame – widely used in soft drinks – might cause leukaemia, lymphoma and breast cancer in rats.”This is the second study by the same lab showing that aspartame causes cancer in rats,” Centre for Science in the Public Interest executive director Michael Jacobson said.

Aspartame is used mostly in soft drinks but is also sold in packets to use in coffee, tea or on food.


If I recall this is mostly in diet sodas and “sugar free” type drinks.  The key here is moderation.  Don’t go drinking 15 cans a day.
Looking back at my measly 32 years on this rock, I see that I have inhaled, or digested a ton of carcinogenic substances. It is a wonder that we are alive today.



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