bike geek dad win today

Jul 13, 2013

Of all the things about being a bike geek and a father that I love the most is teaching my kids to ride and have a love of cycling.

Today was the biggest moment yet.

My daughter took her first independent ride today. The secret I was missing all this time in training her was ICE CREAM. Serious. I already knew she could ride by herself, I even let go a couple times while running along with her down the hill. It was the promise of ice cream after three pedal strokes that did the trick. Once she had that in her head nothing was going to stop her.


The coolest thing was that after the second run she “got it”. I think there is a single moment when a person realizes the freedom and joy of riding after a couple pedal pushes and the bike stays upright via magic and gyroscopic physics. It was really neat to experience some one other than myself “getting it” for the first time.

I shed tears of joy.


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