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futuristic May 07, 2010

Currently I am reading Bicycle: The History by David V. Herlihy

This one will take me a while to get through so I thought I would do a pre-read and then a post-read book report.  This book is 400ish pages of deep bicycle history knowledge. I am only on page 24 and just absorbing everything up. There are lots of great quotes, pics of riding, and ads during each time period.  Not only does it give the history, it gives a little bit more that makes the book entertaining.

I will leave you with one tidbit today.

The early velocipede riders were made fun of and called “Dandies” by some.

I can see how that has passed through the different generations of cycling and each new evolution is lampooned by the last.  Our sport is funny that way.


Bicycle: The History



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