Black IPA brew day

Aug 04, 2013

All brewed and in the fermenter waiting on the yeast to get their party on. I imagine its a lot like the matrix in there when everyone’s partying in Zion. Go buggies go.

2 weeks till bottle and then 2 weeks to fiz. Expected first drink Sept 1

I’m really interested in how this turns out. Smelled and pre tasted awesome. As some of you may know the CDA (Cascadia Dark Ale) or Black IPA as I’ve read is one of the best beers of the year when the breweries out there put it out for limited time. It was one of my favorite beers while living out there and I hope this is almost as good as what they produce out in the Emerald Forrest.

On a side note I love testing in 1 gallon batches, but if this one proves well ill go for a 5 gallon. I really like this style beer ;)





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