Building up a fun play bike?

Jun 03, 2013


The replacement for the Karate Monkey has been beating into my brain like a drum [get-a-bike-get-a-bike]. After riding the trails here in Ohio I’ve found that I wanted something a bit more nimble and fun to play with on the tight singletrack and roots. “Should I go back to a 26er” has been sitting in my brain since I got here and it has steadily increased in prominence. When I left the midwest many years ago, I had a 26er trek carbon frame and it was more than enough bike for midwest MTB duties. Coming back after spending time riding in some of the best singletrack in the world (Colorado, Utah, and Oregon) I’ve realized that I really did not need such a huge bike here.

Just your basic run of the mill super bad ass have fun bike, like the On-One carbon 456.

Then I started getting goofy thoughts in my head. Why not just eliminate the shifting and go single speed? Alright hotshot, you got it was my answer. I was doing that anyway on the KM, why not keep it up? [Bonus the 456 has optional swapout rear drop outs and you can run with or without gears.]

So I will build it fairly close to the X9 build on the sites (here and here), but focus on single speed and carbon. It will be a great fun build as I think that Yellow and Black frame are calling out to the world saying** “Watchout! I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.“**

Have fun, dreaming of bikes…


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