Cabala Juice

backtothefuture Oct 15, 2009

Since we have a juicer, I will be trying this one out sometime.

Too bad the Juicer is in Colorado…


Cabala Juice ( Kabala)

Posted by Colin Dixon

2.27 Kilos (5 pounds) of fresh juicy carrots. This quantity should make 2 to 2.5 litres of juice. If you get less than 2 litres add more carrots. Older carrots can be dry.
1 medium beetroot (1/3 fist size). The beetroot skin adds a bitter earthy taste to the mix. To avoid this blanch the beetroot in boiling water for 20 seconds and peel it. The beetroot itself without the skin is quite sweet. the stalks and leaves are Ok to juice.
1 lemon, whole including the skin. If you prefer you can peel the lemon. When you remove the skin you loose the Pectin with all its detox benefits leave some skin in the mix.
2 red, 2 green 2 yellow apples including their skins and seeds

This quantity of fruit and vegetables will make up between 2- 2.5 litres of juice.

For the best detox live on this for as many weeks as you can (6 = 42 days, even 1 week will be hugely beneficial) just the juice nothing else even water.


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