Cancer Cure?

Jan 30, 2007

I just stumbled upon this set of articles on DCA (dichloroacetate). It is a drug that has already been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders and so is known to be relatively safe. It also has no patent, meaning it could be manufactured for a fraction of the cost of newly developed drugs.

Thanks to those crazy cannucks we may have a new way to treat cancers. Unfortunately it has not gone through clinical trials on human cancer patients. Another strike against it is that it is already around, so the big pharmaceutical companies can not patent it and make any money off of it. They are the ones with a lot of money that could push this thing through.  It takes roughly $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars) to go through the trials and such.  We may have to do this with out them! Which is fine by me.

Here are the articles, I signed up for the newsletter on the main site, so I will keep you updated as I get news. – Article

University of Alberta – Main research site. Some news clips are on this site.

National Post – Canada Paper

The Science Paper – Peer reviewed doc on the study

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