A new game released today.

Developer Notes

I had some interesting fun building this game.  I got stuck for the last week when the player character was just not interacting with the obstacles correctly.  The character would get stuck or walk through walls.  

The fix for those issues was aligning the character on the correct middle of the cell so the ray cast would hit correctly on the obstacle collision area. The other fix was setting the correct collision layer on the right ray cast. This took me all week to find as I missed one small button in the Godot UI, LOL!

Originally I wanted to make something like a Sokoban type game, but evolved into something of a sneaky escape game. I like the grid based movement, and in a future update I would like to add a feature where the enemy objects move only when the player moves to make it a strategy type game.

The art was mainly taken from GameArtGuppy.com as I liked the feel of it altogether. I used the coins from her site previously for Ether Dasher. I took the 64x64 pixel images and pixelated them with Pixelorama.  This set the entire project to be at a 32x32 pixel setting.

All the sound effects and game music assets were taken from OpenGameArt. You can see the credits in the readme file of the project repo. I edited them using Audacity to export to .OGG file format so Godot could read them.

Last note: Enos was Fry's grandpa in Futurama.

Have fun playing it.

Download the game from itch.io.

Builds available for Linux 64bit, MacOS 64bit, and Windows 64bit.

There is also a playable version on the site.

Help private Enos escape the enemy base.

The project is open source and available on my Gitlab account:

Projects · UTOPIAMACHINES / soko
Help private Enos escape the enemy base. Collect the key, to open the secured area to escape. Collect hex for points along the way. What is your best score?