DIY Dropbox - iFolder

futurist Dec 21, 2009

For anyone that has their own Ubuntu server, you can roll your own dropbox clone using Novell’s iFolder:

Guide to installing on a Linux server running Ubuntu:
[Looks like a PIA to get running, I may need to make a VM appliance.] …

I plan on trying this out for my internal customers and maybe roll it into a service for external customers.  I like to see where this goes…


I would like to set it up on my web host, but I do not think I have enough rights on the system.  Time for a dedicated server?

[Update: I downloaded OpenSUSE and the iFolder package is in the repo’s. I may switch to that as the solution, but I can’t stand SUSE linux so it is a toss up between pre-packaged easy install on a Distro I hate or the pain of building dependencies on Ubuntu.  Tough stuff for free ;) ]


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