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backtothefuture May 12, 2010

As you may remember I deleted my Facebook account in the begining of April as I got tired of the company that is FacebookLLC.  They have proven to be a really unethical company (namely the CEO, Mark Zuckerburg).

They have a huge market share and some may think that this is a meme to bash Facebook while you can.  I see it in a different way.

The new technology features of the site and the willingess to treat the users as fodder to get to that ever fleeting IPO has really made it a dangerous site.  I believe that they (Facebook Corporate, namely the CEO) will throw the users under the bus without even thinking twice about it.  AND I feel bad because I convinced many to get on this little web site.

You may cry out and say that I am crazy and need to get that tin foil hat screwed back on, but walk with me a bit and think outside your cube.

Facebook in it’s latest revision installed new apps in your profile.  Bet you didn’t know that or gave them permission either.  They can do that at any time, imagine if they install a real bad one.

Each app has access to your data, and can share it behind the scenes between each other whether you like it or not.

With Facebook Open Graph sites can use your data via Facebook on their sites to customize the user experience.

There have been reports of Malware from either ads or apps in the Facebook world. Not to mention people’s profiles getting hacked all the time.

Here is the bombshell: I believe that unless Facebook is blocked in this form and we move on to something different that the next virus/malware/IDtheftBot or whatever have you will be a product of this Facebook Open Graph technology.  I believe that too many people goto Facebook during work hours on work machines and that is too tempting a target for the baddies not to try something and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Enter the big news of a group of kids trying to create a protocol for this thing we call the Social Web.  They reached their funding and will be working on it over the summer.  So it may be a little while longer before we have a good alternative to Facebook but at least people are trying.

Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook

Here is the link to their site. Read up on what they want to create.


I wish them the best and will jump on board as soon as something becomes available.


Also, read Jason Calicanis’ excellent article on this subject here: http://bit.ly/aU4MhR

A great quote for web site owners to think about:

People are creating fan pages on Facebook and then paying Facebook to
send them traffic. Let me explain this one more time: You’re PAYING
Mark Zuckerberg money to send traffic to HIS SITE. Think about it.

Oh yeah, and while he’s taking your money and page views, he’s
convincing everyone that they don’t need their own customer’s
information: Just use Facebook Connect!


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