From @zendoughnut Have a another doughnut to go… [fin]

Jul 11, 2014

Hello All,

Starting in December of 2011 I had the thought to make something to give back to humanity.  One of the reasons for starting the doughnut adventure was to raise funds for cancer research and help families with children suffering from the disease.  Over the years we’ve done some cool things and made a bit of progress.  Times have changed and I have drifted away from the core of ZenDoughnut and the meaning behind it.  Rather than re-doubling my efforts and trying again I am finding that I personally have moved on from the original goals. That being said I have been mulling over a decision for about 8 months and have finally made up my mind.

I will be shutting down everything that is ZenDoughnut this year.

The .com domain has already been jettisoned and this .org will go dormant this winter.  Any other social web services will slowly go dormant or change soon. you will still see me in ZD gear as i still love the kit.

I still have custom ZenDoughnut jerseys (XL), a couple wind vests, and some arm warmers available.  If you want to refresh your supply of awesome custom cycling gear drop me a message and we will work something out.  I will be doing a 50%-60% off sale soon as my family is settle back here in Oregon.

lastly, I would like to thank all those that have supported ZenDoughnut over the years.  Your help has been awesome and I really appreciated it.

Have fun,

Head Chef

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