From @zendoughnut New Zendoughnut slogan?

Apr 06, 2014

Always thinking and always evolving what we are and what we do is the nature of humanity. Our purpose and drive stems from problems and challenges in our collective lives. Whether dealing with the mundane to the extraordinary we all need and rely on each other.

I found this quote from a random person on a random forum really sums up where I’ve been thinking of taking Zendoughnut.

Collecting knowledge and helping one another for the benefit of all.

This about sums it up.

Why have a site or a voice on the internet and not use it to benefit more than just yourself? We’ve come to a point in humanity that it feels like a disservice to all to not move in that direction. Five billion new users on the internet in the next couple years makes me think a lot. Most of them will be in the “third world” and clamoring to make it in the world. It is a tremendous time to be alive. I look forward to engagement of their minds on the world wide setting.

The definition of the Neo Renascence person. The Whole Doughnut.

Science. Technology. Art. Culture.

I will try and flesh these ideas out more as I personally evolve along with the site.

Thanks for reading my rambling, and feel free to contact me with your thoughts if I’ve touched a nerve or if you just need a voice.


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