Yesterday we received our open-enrollment for healthcare at work.  As a dad, I hate this sort of thing.  I want to choose the 100% super-duper platinum coverage for my wife and kids, but I also like being able to feed, clothe and provide shelter for them.  Reading through the docs and such makes me just say in my mind (yes, there is foul language up there):


And so I compare and whittle away what is “unnecessary” for my family.  Part of me wants to just take the “no insurance” Fed penalty (~$1600/year) vs. 6-16% of my salary on sh*ty coverage.

Maybe taking 6-16% of pay from salary, moving it into gold, silver, Bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies makes more sense.  At least I would not be throwing it into a hole and taking a dump on it and I would be furthering the portfolio so that if/when I get Cancer again I can expatriate and get treatment in another country.

For my Ohio peeps, linked here is pricing in Logan county for a family of 4.

Bonus on the side: At least WE have more options now right?

Side note: yes, I am in favor of a single payer system and tearing down the BS industry that is the USA Healthcare System.  Going through it with cancer seven years ago opened my eyes to it.  I had amazingly awesome doctors and nurses that saved my life, but had to fight the through the bureaucracy.

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