Ghost NIC removal after P2V

backtothefuture Dec 10, 2009

After converting a Windows machine you will most likely run into an issue with a Ghost NIC in the Registry.

Duplicate IP

The recommended way to fix this is with the following

  1. Go to the DOS-prompt
  2. Type: ” SET DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES=1 “****and press
  3. Type: ” Start devmgmt.msc ” and press
  4. In the Device Manager go to View and click on ” Show Hidden Devices
  5. Navigate to the Network Adapters and expand it, there should be your old NIC
  6. Select and delete.

I have yet to get that working ;)

You could also download Devcon from Microsoft from the following link and the run through that kludge of instruction ;0)

The DevCon command-line utility functions as an alternative to Device Manager

I personally got that to work once on a customers machine.

Now that I am out of VMware support and can hack a little on customers systems and I found a EASIER way!

Open Regedit (If you are actually reeading this post you should know where that is)

Open the following:


Find the *offending *Interface and **DELETE **it.


You will now be able to config your new network card.

This works on all versions of windows that I have converted so far.

Have Fun,


Previously I would walk through the following VMware KB while working at VMware in Support:

Networking Error, IP Address Already Assigned to Another Adapter


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