Goodbye Colorado

gadgets Sep 23, 2009

It all started in October of 1997.

I was driving with my then 3 year old dog Dakota, my Nissan pick-up and a Uhaul trailer full of junk to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I graduated from college and was off to make my start in the world by working at Intel.  I took the job at Intel because it was going to get me out of Wisconsin and into better weather.  I suppose weather factors into a lot of my decisions ;)

During the drive down to New Mexico I drove highway 76 across Nebraska.  After hours and hours of flat boring road the Front Range Mountains popped into view.  It was the first time I saw the Rockies from the ground.  From the air is a different view all together. They seemed to be a relief from the boring drive that is Nebraska and Eastern Colorado.  Dakota and I stopped at the rest stop between Denver and Colorado Springs on I25 Southbound.  It had snowed the week before and most of it was melting off do to the 60ish degree weather.  Because of the dampness I could smell the pine and the sage brush which I had never smelled before.  Those smells filled my nose and instantly I felt I was at home in a place surrounded by peace and tranquility.

That is when I knew some day that I would live in Colorado.

One year later I took the Voluntary Separation Package from Intel and moved to Winter Park, Colorado. The next 11 years were fun, filled with Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Camping and other outdoor activities.  Life has been filled with lots of great friends and memories.  It has been exactly what I wanted my life to be like.  I could say I was content.  The issue is that being content becomes stagnant and sometimes you need to stir the pot every now and then.

That brings us to the present time, and the next leg of my journey.  I will be jumping on a plane to Minneapolis to hang out with my family in Wisconsin.  Then on October 5th I will board another plane to Honolulu and start a new life in Hawaii.  I guess weather is still dictating my choices of places to live ;0)

Goodbye Colorado, it has been fun.



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