Here is Some Good News…for cyclists in Colorado

bitcoin Nov 26, 2006

Hotline OK’d for Bicyclists to Report Aggressive Drivers

Basically, there is a hotline for reporting bad drivers (*277 – on your cell).  You will need some basic info to report the bad driver:

“When dialing Star CSP bicyclists should be prepared to communicate:

  • Vehicle license plate number – this is mandatory
  • Location and direction of travel
  • Vehicle and driver description, if possible
  • The aggressive driving behavior being demonstrated

The license plate number is the key. This allows the State Patrol to identify the vehicle owner’s name, driving record, and address. Without the license plate number, identifying the vehicle is impossible.”

I just added the number to my contact list in my phone.  Hopefully I will never have to use it on my commute.

Reference Link Bicycle Colorado


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