High Rolling on Wheels

Nov 04, 2013

The casino experience on a bicycle

The popularity of online gaming – particularly casino games – continues to skyrocket with each passing day. Thousands of players from around the world have tried their luck at winning potentially huge amounts of money from the comfort of their own laptops or mobile phones. Similarly, the sport of cycling has become a massive global and cultural phenomenon with a devoted fanbase that spans multiple countries and continents. There is a growing number of ordinary people who are rediscovering the sheer bliss of riding a bicycle, whether it’s outdoors with nature, or indoors with the help of an elliptical trainer or bicycle roller as a worthy substitute (if the weather doesn’t permit outdoor biking).

As the temperatures start to get just a bit cooler, most people are increasingly turning to cycling indoors as an effective way of maintaining fitness. Admittedly, this can get a bit boring at times. Some people have remedied this by performing amusing tricks on a bicycle roller – Norwegian professional cyclist Siri Minge even managed to cook an omelet while cycling. If that’s a bit too extreme, there’s always the option of playing online casino games through mobile phones, all while pedaling a bicycle on a roller. A few rounds of blackjack can certainly spice up a routine at-home cycling session.

Much like any other sport, cycling attracts its fair share of gamblers who take their betting very seriously. Journalist and sports bettor Tobias Gourlay wrote a series of articles on Betfair centered on the 2013 Tour de France. Chris Froome (who eventually won the Tour), Nairo Quintana and Mark Cavendish were all pegged as strong betting options on different stages of the classic race. Analyzing the various betting options while riding a bicycle on a roller can be very useful in fine-tuning a keen sense of balance.

Come to think of it, dabbling in online gambling while riding a bicycle is a remarkable feat of multitasking; a literal balancing act right in the comfort of one’s own living space. Essentially, it’s a productive combination of a quality workout and an opportunity to feel good after bagging the top prize. Winning a sizable jackpot at online blackjack or slots can go a long way towards the purchase of spare front and rear brakes, seat posts, top tubes or handlebars – if not a brand new bicycle with all the bells and whistles.

Clearly, playing in an online casino isn’t just a flashy pastime for those looking for a chance to win money. It’s just one of the many effective ways to break the monotony of riding a bicycle on rollers.

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