How to enable SNMP on an ESX4 server

The ESX docs are kind of hard to read to get a simple how to from so here is what I did.

Docs are here:

First you will need to open the ESX firewall to allow SNMP. To do this SSH into your ESX server.

esxcfg-firewall -e snmpd

For some reason VMware decided to have you the admins use the dumb CLI tool instead of logging into each server via SSH. They are moving towards no service console, which is a shame and once it happens it should cause a fury of admin scorn and lots of flinging of poo.

Download the CLI to your desktop or Admin VM from here.

Install VMware vSphere CLI

Open command prompt and cd to the CLI install directory on your local desktop or admin VM.

cd C:Program FilesVMwareVMware vSphere CLIbin

You will need the Service Console IP and the Root username and password

In order to enable SNMP you will need to setup a community and then a target server.

Set the Community: --server esxserverIP --username root -c public

Set the Target SNMP server [All one Line]: --server ``esxserverIP `` --username root --targets targetsnmptrapserverIP@161/public

Enable SNMP [All one Line] --server ``esxserverIP `` --username root --enable

Test it:[All one Line] --server ``esxserverIP `` --username root --test

Show your SNMP Settings [All one Line] --server ``esxserverIP `` --username root --show

For any errors restart hostd service on ESX or google them or call the monkeys in support.

service mgmt-vmware restart

Have Fun,