How to install VMware Tools in a Debian/Ubuntu VM

electric cars Dec 14, 2009
Install build tools

# apt-get install build-essential

Get version of your kernel: # uname -r. You will use the output from this step in the next step.

Install the linux headers for your kernel (this will install the linux headers VMWare needs to compile their tools):

# apt-get install linux-headers-{output of prev step here}

These are needed sometimes to build the kernel modules.

Once you have those installed, copy the tar from the VMtools cd to your root directory. You will need to kick off the tools install to get the CD mounted.

cp /media/cdrom0/VMwareTools-4.0.0-171294.tar.gz .

Extract the tar and cd to the directory it creates:

tar xzvf VMwareTools-4.0.0-171294.tar.gz

cd vmware-tools-distrib/

Install tools by the following script and just take the defaults:


Reboot when finished.


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