How to make Windows XP last for the next seven years

backtothefuture Jul 21, 2007

Computerworld has a cool article for all you WindowsXP users out there. For those of you who will be staying on XP for awhile here are some tips. Better yet install Linux (Ubuntu is my flavor of choice), or buy a Apple [mac].

There really is no use for the craptasticness [new word ;) ] that is Windows Vista. As I have been informing my friends and family, if you want support from me don’t buy into it. Better yet move on.


Preston Gralla and Dave Methvin

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July 18, 2007 (Computerworld) Windows Vista may be shiny and brand new, but as plenty of PC users will tell you, sometimes newer isn’t better. Many PCs simply don’t have the horsepower to run the new operating system, and even those that have the juice may get bogged down by processor-and RAM-hungry Vista.

If you’ve got Windows XP, worry not — you can keep it running on your hardware for years to come. As with an old car, though, if you plan to keep XP around for a while, you’re going to have to spend some time maintaining it. Think of us as your virtual mechanics. We’ll give you tips, tweaks and tricks so that you’ll be able to keep XP running smoothly, at top performance, for smooth operation and long life

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