I went over to Dayton this morning to ride the dirty bike. I think we may actually be in spring time. The parking lot was full and a lot of riders were out on the system. Which is awesome to see.

I did a couple laps on the single speed and meandered around. True to the turtle sticker on my frames, slow rider.

the funny thing about a single speed is you are only in the right gear going downhill.

I ended up tossing my beat up old Marz fork on the bike this morning before i left as I wasn’t in the mood for the full rigid experience after being sick this week. Low and behold, I really need new seals as the fork now leaks. Ah well, she’s held up pretty strong for the last five years. Can’t complain too much.

I took the opportunity to explore more of the system since the last time I was there. It is pretty nice and the city of Dayton should be proud. It has everything I want in a system. Hills, switchbacks, roots, and stream crossings make for a fun ride.

All in all pretty fun Saturday ride.


P.S. while talking with a guy in the parking lot there is a legend of a cyclocross guy doing this system….and having fun.


Strava for the geeks:
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