After learning a bit more about the Godot engine and watching a few videos over and over I was finally able to get an animated character on the screen, walk, and jump. Woot!


As you can see, the character is unable to turn around. doh!  

Tonight's goal was to get the character to turn and walk either left or right.  I was taking the trash out tonight and figured it out. Mirror the sprites in Krita.  After doing just that and editing the character code to point to the new animations.  I was able to build it out just a bit further.  

You will also notice the change from the sprites and tiles in the previous blog post that I changed them out to something nice and fun for the kids.  I was having an issue with the collision box and scaling a 16x16 tile sheet to 32x32.  So I ditched it as the goal here is not graphics, but getting a functional 2D platformer up and running.

The new graphics are from They provide free game assets and they look great!  

Next up, figuring out how to pick up a key.