Here is a way to get free music from the internet, without worrying about the asshats at the RIAA. Using a combination of linux, rhythmbox, and Jamendo I am able to get free music in an intuitive way. Thanks to the developers and artists for this.

There are some tools that you will need and only Linux can provide them.
[Note: You can do this in Windows, but I am not a Windows user, so figure it out on your own]

I use a combination of tools to access and deliver mp3’s to my laptop.

I have mentioned Jamendo before on the site, and still continue to use it even though most of the music is French on non-English. But who cares it’s free right?

Go to for more info

The tools you will need:

Your favourite Linux Distro
[Ubuntu for this demo]
Rhythmbox **
[This comes installed on most Gnome based Linux distro’s]
A Bittorrent Client **

A plethora of clients at this link, or for the ubuntuers, open a terminal and type
sudo apt-get install bittorrent

A desire for free unencumbered music

First you will need to open Rhythmbox

Click Applications > Sound & Video > Rhythmbox

Then you will need to add the plugin

Click Edit > Plugins

Then Click the check box for Jamendo.

You will then need to select the format in which you would like your music [MP3 or OGG]. Most likely MP3.

Click Configure, then MP3

Go ahead and close the plugin window. You should now see Jamendo under “store” on the left pane.
Click it and let it load up the catalog.

Next, we search for music.

In this example I searched for the band “ZAMALA”

Their album “Requiem pour un split” popped up. I then proceeded to listen to the song “25 bombes”

I liked it and thought I would like to listen to it on my MP3 player while riding the bus.

So, up near the top I clicked the icon that looks like a floppy “Download Album”.

It automatically opened Firefox to the torrent download.

Since I already had bittorrent installed it knew what to do.

I saved it in my music directory and went on with my geekin’

Hopefully this will help the masses to free and open music. Please comment with questions or other tips.