Lands Potentially Eligible for Sale by State and National Forest

bitcoin Feb 25, 2007

Here is a list of parcels that are proposed to be sold from the Forest Service.

I have mixed feelings about this.   In one respect I don’t mind the selling as long as the private purchasers are not Walmart types that will clear all the land to build more useless shopping centers to buy more useless junk. I would like the land to goto Mountain Bike associations or other eviromental groups that will protect the land. On the other hand, I am pissed because they are selling the land to provide funding for rural schools.  Where is the money that normally pays for schools.  Usually if I remember correctly your state/local/morgage tax pays for local schools.  So where does that money actually go now?  Hmmm…

Anyway, I would like to buy one of these parcels and set up my deam job.  A mountain bike ranch.

The links are provided below.


Forest Service Proposal: Click Here

News article: Click Here


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