Leisure Trends: 29er sales down for the first time ever in September | Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

A couple factors here that I think pushed this?

- ‘Nobody ain’t got no money’
- T’weiner, 650b, 27.5 wheel size momentum shift
- Everybody holding their breadth for the Gov stupidity this year

Either way looks to be a pretty flat year.  I am bummed MTBs are off by 20% YoY. Every rider I chat with is eyeing a 27.5, but they also were just swept up in the 29er craze a few years ago.  Hard to convince the spouse this new bike will be the best-last-bike-evar when you gave that speech already (glad mine understands it is better for me than doing crack or fantasy football).

The things that have me excited for the MTB category are the thick/thin chainring options, clutch Rear Deraileurs, and trail geometries getting more dialed in.  I was thinking the other day that I am riding the bike I dreamed about in the 90’s, and that is awesome.

Oh and I also wonder if we are seeing a trickle migration into cyclocross from the MTB scene.

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