Maiden voyage. On-One 456

Jul 21, 2013

I took the 456 to Alum Creek Phase 1 this morning to break her in an test my build. The phases are a great testing ground for me because 1) they are the closest system to me, 2) they are the reason to decode to go back to a 26 in wheel on the mountain bike.


They are tight and twisty with slick roots and interesting obstacles. I felt like I was driving a Cadillac through the woods with the 29er previously and so I decided to roll back the wheel size.

I’m originally from Wisconsin and before I left there many years ago I was on a carbon trek. This influenced my decision process also.

The carbon 456 has just about everything I wished my old trek had. All mountain type geometry, oodles of suspension, and disc brakes. Amazingly, the same price as my old trek from 1998. Call that the triumph of technology.

I ran the 456 with locked derailleurs in single speed mode (33×13) which turned out to be a bit much for my puny legs a mini beer fridge belly. I can’t wait to finish off the build and get the full 30speeds running correctly. The reason for that is I broke the number 1 rule of SRAM trigger shifters: don’t ever open them as you will find springs and watch parts flying out while you cuss and curse. (Shifter is at the shop and hopefully they can get it back together, but they understand the rule also)

I may be dropping it to SS mode for longer than expected.

Any way, the bike works, and is confidence inspiring so I can’t wait to put more time in the saddle.

Happy trails



Also explored beginner trails with the hope of bringing my daughter one day.


Finally picked up some 5.10 shoes after a REI sale. Love them.

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