*** As of December 2019 I have shut down the PoC as it is no longer needed ***

Well, the one year domain registration for veloledger.com is almost up.  I personally have no desire to keep it up and running as it was purely a domain for my Consensys Ethereum certification project.  Now that I have the cert, I really have no current plans to continue developing the project.

The fun thing about Ethereum and blockchains in general is that the information from the site will continue on even if the frontend and domain disappear.  

You can still interact with the current contract address on the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet here: 0x4adfFa4BFab2f1b2186b2fD4DFDbf758A20Fa8cb

I moved the frontend code over to a sub-domain of spudz.org for longevity and so that I can show it off, if people ask.  You can go there now: https://veloledger.spudz.org

If you are interested in the project or domain, reach out and let's chat about it.