Today I would like to introduce you to MochaMousse, An Ethereum Developer Toolset for Python.

I have been working on building a toolset that could potentially replace or compliment the Truffle Suite for myself and other Python developers.  Currently, there is Populus [github] from the Ethereum foundation which is a stellar project that I only wish I could emulate.  Currently though, it does not have a maintainer [as of 8/2018] and fails right after install  [github issue] [Workaround].  It also only compiles, and deploys smart contracts, whereas the Truffle Suite can produce a fully working ReactJS dapp with minimal effort.

My goal with MochaMousse (MM) is to build something based on Python 3 and Flask that has the same functionality as the Truffle Suite.  Ideally, a developer could run the following commands to get a basic Flask based dapp up and running quickly.

mkdir my-dapp
cd my-dapp
virtualenv -p python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install mochamousse
mochamousse init

Those commands would install all the required modules and grab a simple Greeter dapp from the following github link, later on this will be turned into a configuration option to point to other developer's projects much like Truffle Boxes.

Future 'mochamousse init' command example:

mochamousse init spdz/mochamousse_greeter_dapp

Currently the init, reset, and compile commands work, I will upload the project to PyPi as soon as I get the migrate command working.

If you'd like to help out, please feel free to send a pull request my way.

Keep on hacking,


Greeter app: