My 2014 Goals and Wishes

Dec 31, 2013

Every year I like to create some pie in the sky direction to where I want to end up by this time the next year. Last year I couldn’t figure out which way was up and just ended up cruised along. This next year I have some clear cut things I would like to accomplish.

Life Goals
– Successfully move my family to Portland
– Sell the Ohio house within six months
– Have  great family outing every week (after the move)
– Make and encourage lifelong friendships
– tweet/text/slack my daughter every single day

Health Goals
– Get my radiation-caused cataract fixed with new lense.
– Get the super baby making machinery fixed (upgrade to “No Mo Damn Babies” functionality)
– Get a CT scan to verify that the Cancer is still gone (year 8)
– Get back down to 170-175lbs with toned muscle via running 3 days a week, commuting by bike, and an unnamed yet core routine.
– Cut coffee intake to 1/3rd of usual daily dose

Bike Community Goals

  • Rejoin IMBANWTA Oregon chapter
  • Get some trail building gnome action done with the NWTA at LL Stub, or Riverside.
  • Possibly get trained to run the NWTA trail building machine.
  • Relaunch Team Zendoughnut as a beginner focused CX squad, learn to make doughnuts at CrossCrusade.

On The Bike Goals

  • Ride Ronde PDX again, but faster,better,stronger
  • Complete all nine Cross Crusade CX races (as a CAT C 35+, SingleSpeeder, or CAT C youngin)
  • Ride the springwater trail and Bank-Vernonia trail with my daughter without the trail-a-bike. Any distances will do.
  • Ride a Fat bike along the Oregon coast with family.
  • Get a Moab, UT trip done in the fall.

Businesses and Work Goals

  • Focus only on JRB blog and Zendoughnut weby/socially
  • jettison the other domains. By Dec 31 2014 I will only own:

Things to acquire
– 500 Wii points so I can get Super Mario 3
– GoPro or Other action camera
– Full Suspension MTB (26er)
– Single Speed commuter/pit bike
– Super 14, or 20 inch bike for my daughter
– quality trailer for my son
– On-One Pompino for the wife.

Like I said, pie in the sky. If I hit half or 1/3rd of them I’d be happy at a successful year. What do you want to accomplish this next year?

Sometimes when you reach for the moon, you make it.


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