It is that time of year again.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show has been around since about 2005.  Each year it showcases the best of the best of bicycle frame builders.  If you want a custom bike, these are the guys that you want doing it.  Like a great tattoo artists, these guys and gals should be looked up to in our sport.  Some time their ideas are pretty wacky, but the soul of the sport is there, and I love watching what they are bringing to the sport.

There are a ton of blogs and twitter feeds that are in Austin following the action so I will not rehash the same old same old.  I will just be periodically dropping updates on things that I find interesting.

Have fun,

Here are some cool things so far:

This is a tall bike from Calfee.  Why would you need a carbon/bamboo tall bike? Because it’s there that’s why.

Austin Day 1-25

Here are some VERY pretty chain tensioners from Vertigo Cycles
Click on the link to goto for more info.  I contacted Vertigo about getting a set of these for my bike, I can’t wait till they go into production.