Never drink watery iced coffee again

backtothefuture Jul 21, 2007

A tip for the coffee drinkin’ readers (Heather, Jamie, etc.).

Never drink watery iced coffee again. Here is how a shop in Philly does it. They make their own coffee iced cubes. So that the coffee never waters down [ding].

The only trick to it is to remember to turn the cubes out into a plastic bag or container once they are frozen solid, otherwise they start to evaporate and develop a funky flavor.

Thanks to Marisa McClellan at for the tip.

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UPDATE:  After talking with Heather about this she made a suggestion to freeze froo-froo stuff to put in your iced coffee.  You could freeze Irish cream, various syrups and other items.  Of course we have yet to try it.


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