New bike! Kona Jake the Snake

futuristic May 08, 2010

I bought a new bike today.

After getting a offer on a job and realising that my commuter options are limited with the Felt Breed. It by being a single speed race bike and having no rack or fender mounts means me spending an awful long time being wet and miserable commuting into work. Don’t get me wrong it is an awesome bike, and I used it a lot to commute to my job that was barely 2 miles away in Colorado. This new commute however will be about 10 miles into the heart of Portland. You all might have heard that it rains here a bit ;)

So, shopping I went (via the Internet). I used to own a Kona Jake before the Breed and really loved that bike. I put about 4500 miles on it commuting and whatnot and when I sold it I shed a little tear. It is now in Peru. The guy who bought it was a student in Boulder and bought it to take back to Peru where he was from. I doubt I will ever see that bike again.

That got me thinking about getting another Jake. This time though I wanted something a little better. You see, the original Jake that I had was very basic and never came with a Carbon Fork it only had a good old steel one. I always said to myself as I got shook around while going over rough terrain that I would make sure the next Jake I bought had a carbon fork!

I looked at other brands trying to match up components, frame geometry, and other bling. Trek has a cool bike called the Portland, but it never spoke to me. Felt has their race bikes, but they all look ghey with their white bar tape and white seats. They remind me of girls bikes when I was a kid. I also looked at other bikes in the Kona line up. The Honky Inc would be pretty impressive as a commuter.

I eventually just said Frak it and had the bike shop bring in the Jake the Snake in a 56 size. So it came in today and was ready a day early. Bonus points for that one Bike Gallery. Just to make sure I looked again at the other bikes on display, but again none of them spoke to me. Maybe the Kona Sultra did, but in different ways.

Anyway, I did a test ride and knew instantly that I was comfortable on this bike. Like putting on an old hat again. But the cool thing was that this Jake is lighter and had a carbon fork! The ride quality was night and day different from my original Jake.

This weekend I plan on getting her dirty in Forest Park to see how she really rides.

So instead of getting a Macbook Pro for my prize of getting a new job I bought a pretty kick ass bike ;)
[note: that was my incentive from my wife]

More ride reports and such as I bring this bike into the my bike family.



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