New family trailer that I got today

Jan 12, 2014

So earlier this weekend I hiked it over a couple miles in the rain to do my laundry (no machine at home). During that wet process I figured getting a trailer for the kids just moved up on the list of things to spend Xmas money on. I have no car while out here in PDX so having a covered trailer is like leveling up.

I picked it up today from City Cycles the local Coop. I was just looking for a cheapo commuter, but it was sitting in the corner upstairs. It has a nifty attachment that works with my disc brake enabled bikes (my big problem with our last trailer). That was the main selling point. I attached it and took it for a test ride. Everything seemed to work and I got excited.

My son is going to be pumped. I’ll be using it for grocery shopping and laundry till he gets out here though ;)



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