New Music Category

gadgets Jan 10, 2007

I created a new category for music that I download from Jamendo.

Jamendo is a free website that hooks listeners/fans up with musicians/artists.  They eliminate the middleman and you have direct access to some good music for free.  You can help promote the musician by blogging about them or send them money via Jamendo.

Listening is easy, just hover your mouse over the album cover and then click “listen”.  You can also download the music by using bittorrent or eMule.

I personally use bittorrent because of all the other things I download with it, and its usually pretty quick.  Almost all Linux distros use bittorrent to get their OS to the masses quickly.

I use Azureus as my torrent client.  You can download it here (LINK). Or you can use the official client from (LINK).

Here is a little more info from Jamendo’s website (LINK).



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