No Keyboard with VMWare Player/Workstation and Ubuntu 10.04

electric cars May 23, 2010

I just ran into this as I was moving from a physical Ubuntu 10.04 on my Laptop to a VM on my wife’s Mac. I may be getting rid of this physical machine soon, but do not want to lose all my settings and my lovely Linux install.

The first problem I ran into was No Keyboard with VMWare Player/Workstation and Ubuntu 10.04 after doing the auto install on the VMware Player Wizard. A quick little google search provided the link above and it worked like a champ.

So basically what happens is the VMware auto install changes the keyboard setting from PC105 to SKIP in /etc/default/console-setup which disables the keyboard in the VM.  Bummer for them.

The idea for the fix is just do a good old fashion install and then install VMware tools after and do not use the auto install for Ubuntu 10.04

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